Your September Horoscope 2019

About Our Om & Ah Astrologer Belle

My name is Belle Logue and I am a qualified Astrologer, I trained at the London School of Astrology and Integrative Counsellor at the University of Ulster.  

I have been practising Astrology for over 15 years with lots of experience in one-to-one consultations. 

 I am very excited to be bringing your monthly horoscopes exclusively with Om & Ah .. I hope it brings much insight and guidance.

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October Horoscopes


There is a feeling of ‘beginning again’, of renewal and rebirth that comes into your energy this month. But along with beginnings are endings. From the 4th - 6th of October you will feel like you are ready to go through that letting go process. Something that has been getting in the way of you achieving success can be removed at this time. But you need to be ready to let it go. Challenges could arise in your work life during this time. Work relationships could be particularly tense. So be ready to play the role of mediator to get things back on track.
The Full Moon on the 13th highlights tensions between, going your own way and collaborating with others. If you decide to join forces with others here, just be sure that you can trust them. And make sure that they are willing to invest just as much time, effort and energy as you. Any imbalances here could end the project before it’s even begun!
From the 23rd onwards be careful of how you are saving and investing your money. This is not a good time for new financial ventures, or taking risks with your money. At this time, ultimately it could lead to loss.
Coming into the end of the month you could feel lacklustre, even drained of your usual vigour. Mercury entering the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October is a great time for rest and taking it easy. Don’t plan too much on these days unless it involves a retreat or health spa!


Relationships are shifting in a major way this month so get ready! From the 1st you are ready to step out in a more confident way and reconnect with people. Others will also be drawn to your magnetic energy at this time so it is wise to capitalise on that. Shake out the glad rags, step out the door and socialise.
From the 4th of October you will feel the transformational power of having more space and freedom. It is a great time to travel. Especially to locations that have meaning for you. Go to places that help you to feel free on the inside and on the outside. This can have a knock-on effect on your health and wellbeing. You could feel this most powerfully on the 5th and 13th of October. In the last part of the month it is a great time to let go of unhealthy habits and routines. Use the Balsamic Moon energy on the 26th - 27th of October to help you change or release what is perpetuating ill health and causing any physical debilitation or weakening.
When Mercury enters the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October you could experience a dip in your confidence and self-worth. You are now entering a time frame of reassessing and re-evaluating the relationships that have substance and those that don’t. This is a time of weighing up what really matters to you in relationships. Then seeing who provides it and who doesn’t. This is also a great time to revise over your finances and perhaps develop a new saving-spending plan. Be careful of lending or borrowing money at this time. You might find it more difficult to balance the cheque book down the line!


A Gemini is allowed to change their mind, right? We know this is second nature to you Gemini but this month could really push it to the limits! There could be a lot of indecisiveness this month. This is made worse when your ruling planet Mercury enters the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October. Use these days to reassess your position. What can you really achieve from where you are? Does this give you the best vantage point? Adjust your perspective and you might just know for sure! Commitment issues could also arise at this time. However when you are more honest about what is important to you, and others listen, you might just stick around!
From the 4th of October be aware of the deeper intentions that are driving your energy. It might be time to reassess where your motivation comes from and whether this can get you what you want. From the 22nd of October this is especially powerful. Be aware of angry outbursts and tempers flaring at this time. Much of this tension and frustration is from an old outdated paradigm that perpetuates unhealthy responses & behaviours. The Full Moon on the 13th could highlight what needs to be expressed and released so you can transform what is holding you back.
Your health might also need some attention this month. The saying ‘what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger’ comes to mind here. Certainly from the 4th you might feel like you are making progress but just be sure to rest up on those Stationary days - 30th & 31st otherwise old health issues could appear again.


This is potentially a super creative month for you Cancer! It’s time to dig out the arts and craft supplies, crank up the music and free your inner child! Let loose, make a mess and don’t think too much about the end result. Remember it’s about feeling joy, so try not to take it all so seriously and you might just have some fun!
From the 4th - 6th of October you might have to face the realities of how certain fears and expectations shape your relationship world. These create inhibiting rules that determine how you connect with the world and others. Part of the awareness of this allows you to make adjustments. Try to cultivate a more balanced feeling within yourself and you might just transform the outer experience. This can then help you to step out and connect with more confidence and greater ease.
This month is pushing you to make adjustments to how you connect with the groups and collectives you have in your life. This includes the family group. Some power struggles could be exposed here, particularly at the time of the Full Moon on the 13th. This tension might also be created by how you perceive your own power,or lack of it. And how in control you feel. You might have opportunities here to change your attitude toward your own power and control, so be ready to move with it. The New Moon on the 28th will work in your favour if you base your intentions on revolutionising your personal development, building your self worth and realigning with your dreams.


From financial highs to potential lows this month Leo. Unpredictable changes create unsettled experiences in your kingdom, and we all know how you feel about losing control! Adjusting your self-perception and aligning with a more genuine empowering energy will bring you more success here. Don’t get caught up with self-sacrificing tendencies, it’s not your style and it diminishes your energy. Success will come when you recognise your strengths and encourage others to do the same! Careful of jealousy and envy affecting relationships this month. It’s ok to feel these, just be aware of them if they start to shape your connections with others.
Around the 5th of October is decision-making time. You’ve reached a fork in the road but which way should you go? Carrying on along the same path is likely to bring you what you already have. Is this enough? If not, are you willing to make the changes necessary to walk down a different road? The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th could guide you here. Use that time to sort through what is meaningful and what is no longer relevant in your life right now.
From the 19th of October until the 4th of November you can truly reinvent yourself. Just be sure that you are creating this new self from a place of unconditional love, acceptance and gratitude. When Mercury enters the Stationary positions on the 30th & 31st of October take some time out to spend at home. Look around and weigh up whether this is a space that you feel truly connected to or whether it’s time to make some changes.


Though you are still in your financial high Virgo, you might have to rethink your financial goals. Re-evaluating spending habits could help deepen your pockets. The Full Moon on the 13th could give you some clarity about which monetary paths to walk down and which to not! So pay attention to what you are being shown and you could make some good savings. This will certainly appeal to your frugal nature and help to rebalance any lending/ borrowing schemes you are a part of.
Much of this month is about being seen and being heard. From the 4th - 6th of October challenges with your self-expression will affect your self-worth and self-esteem. Be sure to push yourself out of your comfort zone at this time and you will achieve more in the long term.
On the 23rd you could be forced to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be ready to be honest about the deeper layers and levels of your experience. From the 26th - 27th of October there could be opportunities to let go of insecurities. Use this energy to release imbalances that restrict your freedom of expression. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th of October could represent a time of a shift in perspective or an important change of mind that helps you to release long term stresses and strains. Then Mercury in the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October might begin a time of communication re-calibration.


For most of this month your confidence is soaring and people are noticing. But is it for show, or is it for real? From 4th - 6th of October deeper feelings challenge your status quo. Then the Full Moon in Aries on the 13th could expose how you really feel about yourself. This can either be wonderfully empowering or deeply crushing, so be ready to accept whatever rises and move with it. In fact throughout much of this month you might find that your subconscious feelings and motivations are showing themselves. This is particularly heightened from the 22nd of October. Your deeper intentions that inspire, motivate and inhibit you will come to the surface. These will show you your deeper truth. You will then know whether it is the real you, or your ego guiding you. This is a great month to move forward, but with the right energy. So it’s a great time to iron out the deeper patterns that are holding you back!
This month could see your finances change. Good investments now, could pay off down the line, but be sure that you read the contracts and all the terms and conditions. Hidden information, particularly with online deals, could lead to unstable & unfruitful investments. Shared finances could be particularly affected by changes happening this month. So discussing the nature and details of any shared enterprises will be most beneficial. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th of October might highlight new ways to save, earn and invest your money. This could come through new ventures opening up or old ones crumbling away. Much of this is about substance and the quality of what you believe you deserve to experience.


From the 3rd of October until the 9th of December Mercury is forcing you to take a long hard look at yourself Scorpio. You might find that you are on a journey of re-discovery during this time. Reconnecting you with parts of your personality, your life even, that you had lost or forgotten. Along with this re-alignment of the self, on the 4th of October there is a shift in how you are connecting with others. This is a great time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. You will feel this pull into the limelight particularly from the 23rd of October - 22nd of November when the Sun brings lots of attention your way! So get ready to shine in that deep and luring way only you can!
On the 4th October there is a shift in how you are connecting with others. You might have to reassess and reevaluate how you are implementing boundaries in relationships. There is a conflict between passively letting others decide the boundaries and being more assertive and taking charge of how they are shaped. The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th will emphasise why the balance between these is key to happier, healthier relationships. This Full Moon can also highlight psychological stresses in your life. You can prepare for this by having some self care rituals ready to support you!
When Mercury moves into the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October give yourself some time to rest and recuperate. Avoid beginning new ventures on these dates but certainly check your life path road map and see where you are on your current journey and where you would like to go to next. Then use the oncoming mercury retrograde energy to realign with it!


Be careful Sagittarius, this month you might reveal some of your deeper darker secrets. The skeletons in the closet could be brought into the light and put on display. In the long term this can be good because it was taking up energy and effort to hide them away. But in the short term, particularly from the 4th of October onwards, you might feel a little vulnerable and exposed. The extent and affect of this vulnerability will depend on whether it was your choice to reveal these aspects of yourself, or whether an external force pulled them out of you. So be ready to take ownership of your energy, whichever way it happens. But don’t let this hold you back. You could find that with this honesty to share & take ownership of your hidden experiences that you gain great support from others. You could experience your popularity growing. This is also a great time to move things forward in your life. The First Quarter Moon phase from the 4th-6th is challenging you to overcome your insecurities and to face what holds back your power and worth. By the Full Moon on the 13th the fruits of your labour are revealed. You will feel the power within and get glimpses of just how much you are capable of achieving. All of the revelations and exposure seem to be lightening your load and helping you move forward with greater vision and ease. Right up to the 23rd you can reap the rewards of feeling more connected to yourself and to others, and them to you.


On the 4th of October it might feel as though your luck is changing. Things will generally feel better and you might be ready to enter into a new phase of your life. From the 4th-6th of October is a good time to figure out what you don’t want to take with you on the next part of your journey. It can feel easier at this time to be more honest with yourself and let go of what is holding you back. The Full Moon on the 13th is highlighting the work-life balance. With so many things working out it might feel as though everything is in order. Just tune into your feelings and make sure they are balanced before moving forward with new work ventures. Your emotional connection to what you do could really influence the direction it moves in. Stress or worries will slow or even inhibit success. Joy, love & gratitude will progress you further. This is a great time to connect to wider audiences of people, to go for promotions and to further develop work relationships and beneficial contacts. The energies on the 23rd further highlight the optimistic vibes. And so generally this month can feel like you can go out there and live your best life. But please do so quickly because when Mercury enters the stationary positions on the 30th & 31st of October it could feel as though the good vibes are slipping away! But don’t worry, when Mercury moves direct in November it will feel good again.


There are important shifts happening in your work life this month. You might feel like things are moving forward, especially from the 4th onward, however they slow down again at the end of the month. Reprioritising your responsibilities will help you get the most out of what is happening. This could be a time of readjusting how you are asserting yourself, particularly in authoritative roles. Your relationship with power is certainly changing this month. It might feel like a bumpy ride. It starts off strong, but when Mercury moves into the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st you might lose connection with it. So be ready to change gears!
If you have been yearning for some deeper spiritual connections, you might just find it from the 4th onwards. But be ready to adjust long held beliefs to make room!
Right through until the 17th of October some relationships could feel unsteady and you could be questioning their future. This might be especially so of work relationships. Deliberating is good as long as you come to a conclusion. Using trust as the fulcrum for weighing up the options will help you create the most beneficial outcomes here.
Your mental health is very important this month. The Full Moon on the 13th will highlight areas of your life that are affecting you. This could be a good time for some travel. Whether long or short distances, getting out and about will help you find the clarity and space needed to feel better. Feeding your creative energy will also help here.


The balance between your inner and outer worlds is shifting. It could be that you are becoming more aware of your higher purpose and you are aligning with it. This pushes you out of your usual routine, creating a need to rebalance. This will be felt most powerfully on the 23rd.
From the 4th of October your deeper aspirations could come to the surface. This is the time to reconnect with your passion and start building toward your dreams. It might even be that your dreams are changing, and so adjustment could be needed here.
It is important to pay attention to your finances this month. The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th could highlight the importance of finding more worth and value in how you are spending your money. Frivolity might not be so beneficial right now. Quality over quantity perhaps is a good guide. Or maybe try starting with necessity and work back from there. Shared finances, or those that are connected into group enterprises, are set to change this month. So be ready to make adjustments if you want things to stabilize again.
Opening the communication channels is really important this month. Talking about more serious matters could help deepen your bonds with others. You might find that you are more willing to share space and time with friends and family. You might even be drawn to travel far and wide to connect with friends and family who live overseas. The New Moon on the 28th pushes you to break through your comfort zone and give expression to hidden truths. Be careful of Mercury moving into the Stationary positions on the 30th and 31st of October. These days are not the best for travelling or starting new projects.




In the first week of September it is likely that you will encounter exactly what, and who, gets in the way of you being able to take care of yourself. Creating some ‘me time’ has a major influence on your health and wellbeing around the 6th. It’s a good time to get out into the countryside and connect with nature. Wide open spaces and plenty of fresh air help ease the pressure and stresses of the daily grind.

There is a big emphasis on getting the work-home-life balance sorted out this month, but be careful of prioritising everyone else and forgetting about what is important to you. Creating personal space and freedom in your daily routine might not be so easy, but if you don’t adjust some of the boundaries you might just find yourself hitting a wall.

You might come off all tough and strong Aries but this month your softer, more emotional side will come out. Be ready to get the feels on, especially around the Full Moon on 14th September.
Finances could take a bit of a turn this month from the 8th September as you start to become more aware of the sponges in your life, soaking up your money. Though a bill shared, is a bill halved, just be sure that it is actually 50-50! This is the month you will feel the emotional strain of your finances, particularly in shared experiences.

When we get to the 26th of September it’s time to let go of all the over-thinking that has plagued you this month. Too much time thinking and not enough time doing stops you from stepping out with certainty and confidence. After the New Moon on the 28th of September this feels easier.


Relationships will be exposed for what they really are this month. Many will deepen as trust and connection builds. Other relationships will break or fracture to a point of no return, forcing them to end or change dramatically. From the 2nd of September there is a yearning for something more. The question is, can your current life path trajectory provide it? If not, what changes can you make?
This is a month for reorganising your finances. It’s time to start being more practical about money matters. From the 13th start making more solid financial plans and strategies. Use this energy to sort through your payment plans and saving schemes. Decide what is working and what isn’t working and make the changes. This will literally pay off down the line. From 22nd - 28th of September there could be a payment coming your way will help you to expand your resources.
After the 19th of September you will feel more grounded in your ability to build toward the life you want to have. Aim high, but be prepared to climb the ladder, one rung at a time. Patience is required if you are to achieve what you want. But this is a good time to start.
From the 23rd your health takes precedence. A balanced diet and balanced routine will be key to feeling better and maintaining your health. The New Moon on the 28th of September will help you figure out what you need to do to gain better overall feeling of wellbeing. This is a great time to start a new, holistic, health or fitness routine.


This month could feel a bit chaotic. From the 8th of September you could find yourself torn in different directions. This isn’t unfamiliar territory Gemini. You are well versed in versatility and being stretched. However, how far are you willing to go before you snap? From the 13th it is a good time to weigh up the cost of all the giving, and the stretching of your energy. Compare this with how much you give back to yourself. This will help you to decide whether it is all worthwhile.
There is much indecision around this month, which culminates at the Full Moon on the 14th. Much of the confusion arising is based on whether to follow ‘logic’ or ‘feeling’. The truth lies somewhere in between the two. It might be useful to practise some stillness so you can feel into this energy. This truth could also come to you through a relationship.
The work-home-life balance is being questioned, particularly around the Full Moon. If you have a tendency to ‘take your work home with you’, whether literally or figuratively, be prepared to face the consequences!
On the 6th of September some relationship issues could come to the surface. These will require action to be taken. The healing with these issues is based on coming to terms with how other people view you. Though you might not like their interpretation of you, all you can change is how you feel about it.
On the 23rd a sense of inner balance comes in which allows you to be more authentic and honest with yourself. The New Moon on the 28th of September will enhance your self-expressive energies. This is a great time to bring healing into the inner child or to begin a project involving children or younger people.


You’ve been spending a lot of time over-thinking and over-analysing. When we get to the 13th this changes. You will start to feel more balanced again. By the 26th - 28th September you could feel ready to let go of something you’ve been mulling over for quite a while. This is the time to settle your energy into a more peaceful, calm state of being. The New Moon in Libra on the 28th emphasises that inner peace comes through getting the work-home-life balance in order.
On the 22nd there could clashes with authority figures or bosses. Perhaps this is more about you asserting your authority rather than them asserting theirs. It could also be about you not wanting to sacrifice your individual creative expression simply to be part of a team. From the 8th of September you will become much more sensitive toward what you have had to personally let go of to make the team or group work effectively. This month, and over the next coming months, you will be rebalancing your own needs with the needs of the group. All of these experiences allow healing to occur in terms of how you perceive your power and influence.
This clash with authority can also be affected by relationship boundaries which also shift this month. When Saturn moves direct on the 19th you will feel more confident in knowing and communicating where your boundaries are. This can reshape your relationship world. Even long-standing relationships could change at this time.
From the 23rd is a great time to invest some money in the home. Home improvements or decorating can help to make you feel good. It’s about getting the balance right though. Don’t overspend, but don’t cheap-out!


Until the 23rd of September, you’re in the financial highlight of your year Leo! Work out, plan and strategize with your money so you can make the most of it. And try not to spend it all at once! It’s a great time to save for the things that really matter. So think about what is most important and work back from that.
Your heart energy is set to deepen from the 8th of September, so be prepared to feel more intensely about everything and everyone. From this time you will need to have a more meaningful connection to what you are experiencing, particularly in your work life. If you can not connect with depth and meaning it is very likely that you will lose interest and look elsewhere for fulfillment.
Problems will arise this month when you are not being clear in your self expression. Around the 6th of September you might have to decide between being bluntly honest or lying to save face. The key here is to free yourself of any burdens. If being honest means that you don’t have to carry a secret around with you, then this might be best. Or perhaps it’s vice versa.
On the Full Moon on the 14th you might feel as though the boundaries are blurring between yourself and someone else. Be sure that neither person is carrying the other. This will devalue the relationship. This is especially highlighted in work relationships and professional collaborations.
Health is set to improve on the 19th. This is now the time to let go of recurring health-damaging habits. You will be ready to move forward with a new sense of commitment to your heath and wellbeing at this time, so go for it!


With so many planets working their way through Virgo this month you will feel like the spotlight is on you right now. A lot of this can be empowering but some attention will bring in a critical judgemental energy. Be mindful that this could be a reflection of your own critical inner voice. From the 26th-28th is a great time to consciously work on adjusting, and letting go of, beliefs and perspectives that are unhelpful and self-deprecating.
After the 13th of September however, much of the overly analytical energy disperses. A more balanced energy enters and you could feel ready to get out and socialise more. Your more sociable side is especially highlighted with the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th. This is a great time to get out and connect with others. Have fun and let loose, just be careful of over-doing it! Knowing your limits is vital to maintaining the feel-good factor!
The New Moon on the 28th of September highlights that beginning a new relationship with yourself is key to feeling more stable and secure in the longer term. Developing and balancing this relationship will bring a deep healing, especially into the body. Physical issues and ailments could be eased at this time through developing a more empowered sense of self-worth. Financial stability and security could also be influenced by developing a more honest, balanced relationship with the self. Then from the 23rd your finances are set to supercharged! Perhaps invest some money in your self care routine. A deep tissue massage or even some psychotherapy/ counselling could help to empower you right now and even help you to feel physically stronger.


This is the time to start adjusting your boundaries. Make sure that you have yourself, and your self-care in mind as you make some changes here. On the 6th of September issues in communication arise that will affect how you are able to set your boundaries. Pay attention to anyone trying to edge their way in where they are not wanted. Your health and wellbeing relies on your ability to communicate more effectively and honestly this month. The more indecisive you are, the more confused you will feel. As we move into mid-September, 13th - 19th, you could feel more stable, more balanced, and ready to assert what is important to you.
After the 19th you’re moving out of old emotional patterns. Your heart energy has been twisted and squeezed, but at this time the restrictions are lifted. You are ready to move on and open up in a healthier way. There have also been changes going on within the home. After the 19th, new house rules shape your work-home-life balance, and things can progress.
Getting the dynamics right in relationships and collaborations right now will help you to feel more empowered when the Sun enters your 1st house on the 23rd. With the New Moon in Libra on the 28th, it feels like you are ‘beginning again’ within some of your relationships. Past relationships could resurface, and you can heal old wounds. Rebalancing and empowering yourself, however, is the key to making the most out of this month and beyond into the next Lunar Cycle.
Financial security and spending could be influenced by feelings of envy or jealousy from the 8th of September onwards. Be aware that these energies could also negatively influence the way you are connecting with larger groups or collectives, making them feel unstable.


This month it can feel like there is so much emphasis on everyone else, that you have hardly any time for yourself. Group and collective experiences are taking precedence right now. From the 8th of September there could be realisations of just how much you are carrying others. Not just individuals but the whole group or team. From the 13th you could experience a better sense of balance here. And certainly the New Moon on the 28th pushes you to create a better balance here for the sake of your health. Just be aware of jealousy, envy, resentment and anger arising within you that is connected to this group experience, and other relationships.
Perhaps it is time you said something so that the group can function more effectively, in a more balanced way. This is easier around the Full Moon on the 14th. This is also a great time to work on any creative projects you’ve been planning. It’s also a great time to connect with your inner child, or other children, and have some carefree fun!
On 19th when Saturn moves direct you might feel like you are no longer being held back by your fears. You can now assert yourself in a more honest and direct way. Being able to talk about yourself and what you are going through can free up some psychological space and emotional baggage. This can also help ease feelings of being disconnected, isolated, alone or misunderstood.
From the 22nd - 26th it’s a great time to review how you are connecting on a deeper Scorpio-like level with others. Are you sensing and feeling what is really there? Or are you misreading the signals?


You are working hard to achieve something right now, but do you even know what it is? All of the smaller details are falling into place, but what does the bigger picture look like? This month is one in which you get to let go of your ambitions and replace them with your dreams. This will be felt most powerfully as we move to the later part of the month, from the 23rd of September onwards. From the 8th, however, you might become aware of what you have to sacrifice to make the dreams a reality. This is a great time to refine your goals and be more realistic about how to make it all happen for yourself. From this date it is a great time to expand your spiritual practise. You are much more sensitive at this time, so the effects of meditation and energy work are greatly enhanced.
On the 6th of September you might have to review how you are presenting yourself to others, particularly to those in authority. Perhaps you are not being clear enough and wires are getting crossed. It could be that you have been under-valuing yourself and now the power-dynamic is imbalanced. This is set to change when Saturn moves forward on the 19th. Things will start to feel more stable and you can start to build on that energy. Financially you will also feel more secure after the 19th.
The Full Moon on the 14th September heightens the connection to your heart energy. You could feel out of control emotionally, overwhelmed even, so be ready with some grounding exercises! You could be torn between truth and lies at that time. Between sharing your honest feelings or holding them back. Be aware of the consequences of both and remember that both have their role to play!


On the 8th of September there is less stress and emotional strain connected to your work life and career. Much of the frustration has been worked through and you can now settle back into a more balanced feeling here. On the 23rd, it’s time to shine in work. Between the 26th -28th let go of any over-thinking that is clouding your vision and ambitions. It is time to refine your and focus your energy. You are building up to a new start with your work. This comes with the New Moon on the 28th. This New Moon will offer opportunities to align with new goals. The build up to this energy throughout September is a great time to re-evaluate the connection to your life purpose. Perhaps even, to re-define what that is. The 13th will bring opportunities to connect and collaborate with others that could help you heal old wounds of the heart. By the 19th your insecurities are no longer holding you back and you are ready to start moving forward again. You can express yourself from a more grounded, stable energy. Why not use this energy to network and socialise more confidently. It is likely your relationships will grow and develop as you push yourself beyond your limitations.
This month’s energy also pushes you to clarify the dynamic between the vision you have of yourself, and the reputation you have built. These could be very different, or exactly the same. Either way it will pay off to balance out any discrepancies here.
On the 22nd of September new perspectives push you to look at the bigger picture. At this time your communication will improve when you stop over thinking.


Over the last 11 months it might have felt as though your life purpose had rejected you. But this month you can bring a renewed sense of worth and fulfilment into your aspirations, particularly from 13th onwards. From this time you will feel ready to network and socialise with greater ease. You want a career that has more meaning for you, where you can make a bigger impact. This month, from the 8th onwards, you might just find it. However, it comes at a cost. Are you ready to make the adjustments necessary to make it work?
You have been working through some deeper issues and your mental health has been particularly affected. This month will see an improvement here. Much of the improvement comes from taking care of your boundaries, particularly those connected to groups, collectives and teams. For you right now, improved boundaries equals improved clarity. This is easier from the 19th onwards.

The Full Moon on the 14th highlights that you may need to review and rearrange your finances. Collaborations and partnerships, particularly in financial ventures, could bring either abundance or scarcity. Wise discernment is required if you are to make the most of this energy. Relying on superficial information might lead you astray. Focus on the deeper connection right now, feel into the energy of the person, and you will know whether they are a good fit for you, or not.
From the 26th until the New Moon on the 28th it is a great time to let go of the deeper emotions that have been weighing you down. Being more upfront about how you’ve been affected by others will help with this emotional release.


Knowing your limitations is difficult. It is in your nature to dissolve away boundaries. But this month, gauging your limitations and asserting your boundaries is key. This creates a better inner balance and more meaningful relationships. Boundaries are easier to implement from the 19th onwards. This is especially so within group and collective experiences.
From the 8th onwards the truth is a driving force behind your self expression. There could be some shocks and surprises in store when you share what you really think and how you are really feeling! So be ready to deal with the consequences of being so honest! It’s time to be aware of dismissive attitudes and extreme reactions. Adjustments with this expression of emotion can be made from the 22nd of September onwards. At this later stage of the month it’s time to reassess how you’ve been communicating your feelings. This directly influences your self confidence and self worth.
What can get in the way of progressing this month is your self care and work/career dynamic. This becomes clearer around the 6th of September. It is time to be honest with yourself in terms of what you need. Both from yourself and from your work life. Weighing up what you can and can not handle within your job role will be useful. It is also important to get the balance right between your own personal space and sharing space and time with others.
This month continues to see you on your top social form! The Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th is a peak time in your social calendar. It’s worthwhile to make the most of it while it is there, up to the 23rd September. After the 23rd things become more serious and it’s a good time to rest and recuperate.