Hey, how are you?

We decided with the holidays and gift giving seasons around the corner we should give our zodiac collection a little face lift, and we wanted to let you know what was new!

 ... these tees really do make the most unique & thoughtful gift!

We have now released our zodiac tees in our 2 best selling colours: Grey and Navy. 

We kept the triblend fabric, as we know this is one you guys absolutely LOVED! They are super soft, and just have a really lovely fit and feel to them. 

We definitely feel that these colours are much more complimenting for this time of year, and are sure to be a gift hit for anyone lucky enough to receive one! 
What does your Star Sign say about you?

"I am Leo"
She is courageous. She is intelligent & warm. She is the passionate leader, the vanquisher of injustice. 

"I am Cancer"
She is spontaneous & deeply intuitive. She is the nurturer & deep rooted. She is the caregiver & empathizer.

"I am Pisces"
She is intuitive. She is the most faithful. She is compassion, selfless & artistic. She is known for her wisdom.

"I am Virgo"
She is kindness. She is sophisticated & smart. She is the companion, the joy finder. She is the seeker of greater good.

"I am Taurus"
She is ambitious. She is reliable & practical. She is persistent & the most grounded. Strength & compassion are her virtues.

"I am Scorpio"
She is strength. She is darkness & light. She is the icebreaker, the fire starter. She is loyalty personified.

"I am Aquarius"
She is the leader, the humanitarian. She is the progression, the example, the thought provoker. She is the lone wolf.

"I am Capricorn"
She is determined. She is practical & helpful. She is the knowledge, the ambition,  the dream believer & achiever.

"I am Libra"
She is sincerity. She is fairness & ethical. She is the restorer of equilibrium. She is the peace keeper & seeker.

"I am Gemini"
She is energy. She is the passionate communicator. She is intellectual, clever & curious. She is fearless in speaking the truth.

"I am Sagittarius"
She is optimistic. She is open minded & curious. She is the traveller, the idealist, the truth speaker & explorer.

"I am Aries"
She is courageous, ever the optimist.  She is dynamic, fearless & individual. She is the trendsetter & trailblazer.
I am personally a Leo (August 7th) and i absolutely love wearing my zodiac tee, people are always so interested in what it has to say, my fellow Leos are always commenting on how accurate the description is haha!  .. And wearing the tee, really strikes up some of the most fascinating conversations on astrology, the universe, spirituality ...
I hope you love the new colours!
Om & Ah