"Cosmic Mantra" Hoodie

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'I am Abundance. I am Love. I am Gratitude. I am Complete'
"Very impressed with this hoodie it also came in an eco recycled postal bag - I love the ethos of this brand"
We know how valuable a good hoodie can be, with that in mind you can relax knowing it is perfect for those chilled evenings, gym classes or weekend adventures with family and friends :) However you choose to wear it's all about those good vibes!
Super soft and comfortable made from a poly-cotton blend.  


Fabrication: Made from 80% Combed Cotton, 20% PolyesteR

"Cosmic Mantra" Hoodie
"Cosmic Mantra" Hoodie
"Cosmic Mantra" Hoodie
"Cosmic Mantra" Hoodie

what size am i?

Drawstring Neck

Extra "Slouchy-ness"

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