The perfect thing to come home to after a loooong day at work

Ironically, the times you feel like you don’t have time for meditation are usually the times you need it most. Learn to listen to what your body tells you.

With this simple guided meditation exercise, you’ll be able to calm your nerves and relax in almost any situation. And it only takes 5 minutes to do!

Here’s how:

First, get comfortable. This exercise works best for us when we’re sitting in a chair or lying down on our backs in a quiet space. If you’re sitting down, make sure your feet are planted on the floor.

Close your eyes… Take a deep breath and feel your body making contact with the ground beneath you… Slowly breathe in and out a few more times.

Place your hand on your stomach and take 3 deep breaths... Feel your stomach rising and falling with each inhale and exhale. Imagine any tension you have leaving your body every time you breathe out.

Now, breathe in for a count of 5… Hold your breath for 5 seconds… And then breathe out slowly for another count of 5...

Do this 5 times. Feel any remaining tension you have leave your body and flow into the ground. Savor the sense of relaxation you feel throughout your body… Breathe in… Breathe out. Start to notice the sounds in the environment around you… When you’re ready, open your eyes.

We always like to end our meditations with the words, “I am what I will to be.” You can also use any personal affirmations you have instead!

Do this every day (or whenever you feel stressed out) to recenter yourself and bring yourself back into your body.

If you plan on doing this at home at the end of the day, we recommend lighting a candle before starting your meditation too. The scent of the candle and the sound it makes as it flickers are physical, sensory reminders to stay present in your body throughout the exercise.

Check out our range of ethically sourced candles here.

Take a few minutes today to light a candle and meditate, and you may find your day will be all the better for it!

With Gratitude,
Om & Ah London